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Learn How to Switch 4 Aces

Alex Pandrea Free Tutorial

Below you'll find Alex Pandrea's version of Dr. Daley's Last Trick + Paul Harris' Reset routine. A nice, simple, 4 Ace routine to learn for free. 

The Visa Story

Patrick Kun and Alex Pandrea began their journey together in 2016, touring and lecturing throughout Asia.

The Adventure That Sparked The Idea

While on tour, the idea of a deck of cards that represents "escape, discover, and journey" was inspired.

The Asia Deck

PK and AP first designed an ASIA deck, which later turned into the Visa Playing Cards that we all know and love today.

Looking Forward

The deck is only the beginning. The Visa community is expanding every day and we will continue to push the brand forward into something amazing.

The Visa Playing Card Features

VISA Playing Cards were created with the magician in mind. We've added many features that have made this deck a must have. 

Thin Crushed Stock

Double-Backer Included

Duplicate Card In Every Deck

FREE Tutorial with Each Purchase

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Thank You All!

We would like to thank each and every one of you who have supported our journey from the start. Visa Playing Cards is just the beginning!

ap x pk